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1000ML Plastic Spray Water Bottle with Scrub Bounce Cover, Straw, and Space Cup - Ideal Sports Water Bottle

1000ML Plastic Spray Water Bottle with Scrub Bounce Cover, Straw, and Space Cup - Ideal Sports Water Bottle

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Stay hydrated and refreshed with our 1000ML Plastic Spray Water Bottle with Scrub Bounce Cover, Straw, and Space Cup. Designed specifically for sports enthusiasts, this ideal sports water bottle combines convenience, functionality, and style.

With its large capacity, you'll have plenty of water to keep you hydrated during your workouts or outdoor adventures. The spring cover can be easily opened with a single button press, allowing for quick and hassle-free access to your drink.

We've taken your comfort and safety into consideration with our humanized design. The edible silicone straw and small mouth anti-choking design ensure a pleasant drinking experience without any worries. Simply lift the bottle and enjoy your drink immediately.

Monitoring your water intake has never been easier with the built-in time marker. This feature helps you keep track of your daily hydration goals, promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Need a quick cool-down or a refreshing mist? Our water bottle comes with a convenient spray function. Simply press the button to enjoy a fine mist that can provide humidification and cooling on hot days.

Portability is key, and our water bottle is designed to be easy to carry. Whether you're going on an outdoor outing or hitting the gym, the fashionable bottle body and convenient carrying options make it your perfect companion.

Versatility is another highlight of this water bottle. It's suitable for multiple scenarios and can meet the needs of various occasions, ensuring you stay hydrated wherever you go.

Express your personal style with our range of multi-color options. Choose the color that suits your taste and enjoy both functionality and aesthetics in one product.

Experience convenience, functionality, and style with our 1000ML Plastic Spray Water Bottle. Stay hydrated and make every sip count towards a healthier you.

Product Highlights:

Convenient and fast: Large capacity, press the spring cover and open the cover with one button, convenient and fast

Humanized design: Edible silicon straw, small mouth anti-choking design, can drink immediately after lifting

Time Marker: Help you monitor your daily water intake

The Switch of Spray: Slightly press the button to easil to Humidification and Cooling

Easy to carry: It is suitable for outdoor outings and fitness exercise, with a fashionable bottle body and convenient carrying

Multiple Scenarios: Meet the needs of different occasions

Multi-color: Various colors can be selected

Product information:
Color: Gray, pink, pink blue, green blue, yellow blue purple, blue purple
Material: Tritan
Applicable object: General
Packing specification: Single
Structure: Single layer
Shape: cylindrical
Microwave oven: Unavailable
Size (height, caliber):31*7.5cm
Applicable personnel: general
Function: Environmental protection
Style: Straw
Style: Sports
Capacity: 1000 ml

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